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Introducing our new cardboard storage box for graded cards as well as top loaders & semi-rigids. 


High quality boxes made in the UK finished in white.


It holds: 


- 34 PSA graded cards

- 115 Top Loaders [125 Empty Top Loaders]

- 260 Semi Rigids [300 Empty Semi-Rigids]

- 20 100pt 4-Screw extra thick card holder




MM - 210mm x 137mm x 84mm

CM- 21cm x 13.7cm x 8.4cmm

IN - 8.27" x 5.39 " x 3.31"


* No cards included 

* No Graded card included

* No top loaders included

* No Semi rigids included

Graded Card Cardboard Storage Box

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